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Use and privacy policies

Have you read the use and privacy policies' page of internet giants? I do and honestly I don't like, they are endless documents that confuse rather than clarify. Therefore, while you browse this website the use and privacy policies are:

  1. All users are free to visit and browse through all pages without any registration, unless they have purchased a product or service that includes registration.
  2. Third companies use cookies to collect general information. The information collected includes, page views, user language, time of visit, country of visit, etc, but in no case collects personal information.
  3. The advertising companies may be using cookies to serve ads based on users interest.
  4. All contents of this website are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported unless otherwise noted.
  5. The use and privacy policies may change without notice —just joking, I'll try my best to never do it—.

If you have any comments about these 5 rules or anything else please use the contact form.

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